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Platinum printing workflow

Rising Stonehenge white 22"x30"
Prep stock Kox
One L Distilled H2O at 120 deg (nuke 1 L about 2 min)
3g OxA - dissolve (keep the developer acidic)
add 500g KOx
DW to 1.5 L
Oxalic Acid stock
Prep stock 9% Oxalic Acid: 90 g OxA + 1L DW at 120oF
Five minutes in 3% (w/v) oxalic acid - from 9% stock diluted 1 +2 (distilled water)
Up to 10 11"x14" sheets in 1L in 11"x14" tray - wear gloves - hang dry
easier: 8 sheets in 1.5L
Prepping the neg and paper
Print the neg on Pictorico premium
Mask the edges with rubylith tape
Mark the top of the neg with 2 registration lines
Mark the coating area on the paper
"X" the paper at the registration lines - this will allow lining up the masked negative
Keep the Pt and Pd warm (water bath on heater)
Rinse the brush well in distilled water, shake dry
Coat the paper, rinse the brush out in fresh tap water
Rinse the droppers out in distilled water
Low heat hair dry a minute or two
Humidify one minute
Tape the neg to the paper using the registration marks to line things up
Expose 2'45"
Immediately transfer to tray and cover with KOx
Agitate exactly 3 minutes
Transfer directly to 1L 0.6% HCl, agitate 5'
Total 3 washes in HCl, always discard the first bath
One minute water rinse
5 minutes in permawash or HCA
30' wash
Squeegee face down
rack dry
Replenish the KOx at one ml/square inch of paper